Swimwear is the right way to open the summer

The weather in recent days is really hot, and it’s hard to get hot. It takes courage to get out of the door. What should there be in the summer? Air conditioning, WiFi, watermelon? But in fact, beaches, waves, and swimsuits are also the right way to open the summer!

Swimsuit women’s three-piece suit


The small chest can also be feminine, the strap design of the chest will be visually obvious, and the straps will be tight and gathered, which is simply the gospel of the poor girl. The elastic band on the back makes the top fit more comfortable, while the pants don’t worry about getting out of the light. There is a careful machine inside, and the waist is long. Not very exposed, but it looks kind and sexy.

Teenage plaid split skirt swimsuit


There are always some “grid” tune is not the same fireworks, at first glance, the old woman’s heart has been taken away, super cute girl swimsuit, soft cute style. It is suitable for tying a pair of ponytails, a ball head, and then running on the beach to play with water. After all, the girl’s feelings are always poems~

Swimsuit female split skirt swimsuit


The iron rule of the thin stripe is also applicable to the swimsuit, which is simply the evergreen tree in the fashion circle! Put on the body is very white skin, thick chest pad, and steel ring lined chest type, you can save the money to buy silicone pads, no chest has a chest, what are you not satisfied?

New openwork knit bikini swimsuit


Weaving has been raging in recent years and has swept the world in an unstoppable manner. The shoulder strap can be adjusted, the woven texture of the top is fine and regular, the hem is added with a petal-like weave, which has a bit of sweetness, and the back strap can be adjusted. The trousers have a strong sense of detail, which increases the sexy value for the small hip.

New Navy Blue Chest Ruffled Swimsuit


In order to make the visual sense of fluffy, most designers will use the romantic sweet ruffle design in the top of the swimsuit. The wide ruffles cover the arm while emphasizing the chest. In the middle of the hollow part to add a mysterious beauty to the top, the extended straps wrapped around Miao Man’s slender waist, the end of the tassel adds a bit of playfulness to the whole.

New ukiyoe small fresh one-piece swimsuit


The Japanese ukiyo-e prints are super beautiful, the patterns are finely crafted, the colors are elegant, and the wide lace shoulder straps make the shoulders feel comfortable. The chest won’t look flat and it won’t be too exaggerated. The design of the waist is very concealed, so that the small belly can be put away, and the low-key little fairies can consider starting this one.

Japanese black beauty back strap triangle skirt one-piece swimsuit


Summer is still a little shy to the beach, but it can’t be photographed and it doesn’t look good. Black is always the main color. It is thin and full of mystery. At first glance, it is a traditional swimsuit style. The built-in steel ring is full of chest vision. Lived in the public eye, the back hidden hidden mysterious, cross strap design, the entire beauty back is revealed, bring it to the beach to do back shadow killer!

New coconut leaf slim slimming steel support one-piece swimsuit


A tropical-inspired coconut tree print with summer waves slap on the beach. A very conservative swimsuit, but it is very slim, the ruffled cut makes the chest more fluffy visually, and the tailored cut makes the small belly hidden.

new asymmetric swimsuit


Who said that swimsuits must be sweet? On the beach, I want to walk a windy girl. It is very friendly to the big breasted girl. The C cup can be worn, not big and obvious. Although it is asymmetrical, the gauze gives a sense of security. Its straps are not as thin as other models. The wide letter straps will not stretch the shoulders, and the big breasted sisters can wear them with confidence.

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